Steering Stitches

Car House is the perfect partner for you to select steering wheel patterns that will look royal and best for your car. When a customer approaches us to get their steering wheel stitched, we show them the variety of stitches and their specialties. Our professionals in the department have already created an image for Car House as the best steering stitch service provider in Qatar. 

Car House craftsmen are trained with all types of stitches and our premium type stitching includes the following

  • Baseball Stitch
  • Basting Stitch
  • X stitch 
  • M3 Stitch

Car House baseball stitch is the normal stitch that everyone chose, mostly domestic vehicles. This type of stitch keeps a classic look in it. Cars like Honda, Ford, Toyota etc normally get this type of stitch. When you are in love with colors and wanna see more than one color on your steering wheel then Basting Stitch is the best. Giving a luxury gaze the thread contrasts with the steering leather giving an attractive look to your car. This type of stitching is mostly seen in brands like Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc. which are considered to be luxury brands. Next type of stitching is X stitch, as the name explains, the stitch is patterned like Xs. This type is unusual and is seen rarely in particular brands. The look is remarkable and attractive. 


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