3M Standard Film & 3M Color Stable

Car house provides the Best Window Tinting Service in Qatar. When you decide to tint your windows, choosing the best quality material should be selected. Though there are many Car tinting services in Qatar, to understand your requirements and deliver the best we have professionals with expertise in the industry. 

3M Car window film has become one of the leading brands in the automotive industry and is widely used because of its high quality. There is a multitude of shades in 3M that we provide and comply with all the regulations regarding the degree of tint that can be used in the country. There are different types of 3M tinting

  • 3M Obsidian Series
  • 3M Color Stable Series 
  • 3M Crystalline Series 

The 3M obsidian series is a dyed film product for windows, which is made up of state-of-the-art technology. The protection from UV rays is an advantage but this film is weaker in heat protection. But it is cheap and affordable. A 3M color stable series is better than 3M obsidian as it is a mid-level film whereas obsidian is an entry-level film. 3M color stable tinting provides high protection from UV rays as well as heat protection than obsidian and bears a 5Year Warranty. 3M crystalline is the best compared to both obsidian and color stable. It is a higher-level film and the most advanced window protection film in Qatar. 3M crystalline is considered to be the world’s optically clear window film with high protection power from both UV and heat.

Advantages of 3M tinting

  • Reduces Heat
  • Non-metallized
  • Blocks up UV rays 
  • Never Turns Purple
  • Reduces Glare
  • Never turns color to purple

In this Window tinting provides 85% thermal protection & 65% UV Protection and it also reduces the heat. It has a 5Yrs Warranty.

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