Seat Cover Cloth

the best cloth seat cover for cars in Qatar.

There are a lot of customers who opt for fabric car seats over leather car seats in Qatar. Car House provides a variety of Fabrics for seat covers like Nonwovens fabrics, Composite fabrics, Coating fabrics, Foam fabrics, Upholstery/trimming fabrics, Filter fabrics, and Belt fabrics. These fabrics are selected by the client after we explain their peculiarities. But when compared to leather fabrics are used because 

  • the fabric is durable
  • easy to customize
  • cost-effective
  • Less temperature sensitive 
  • More options like neoprene, polyester, velour
  • Resilient to puncture, wear and tear
  • machine washable

Though these advantages of cloth or fabric seat covers attract there are some dark sides to the fabric seat covers like

  • Gets dirty very quickly
  • Strong smell/odour which is difficult to get rid off
  • Dyed or color fabrics fade color over time
  • Can aggravate allergies 
  • Fabric get dull and outdated

Caring Cloth or fabric Car seat Cover

Leather and Cloth/Fabric seat caretaking seems similar in procedures. Compared to leather, an advantage of cloth seats is that the fabric is washable and can remove dirt or any substance easily. Use fabric solvent and microfiber cloth while cleaning.

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