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Car house qatar nano ceramic

Ceramic automotive window tints are more popular and are up to the hype. It is not only invisible to the naked eye but also strenuous for a medium microscope too. It is an amazing tiny substance that creates magic when applied to window glass for boosting strength. It cut short the harmful sun rays entering the car by almost nine per cent. It is extremely helpful when it comes to preventing corrosion in car glasses. 

We, with years of experience and expertise in the field of window tinting service, help our customers attain the perfect tinting service with an easy and smooth procedure. Nano ceramic is a bonafide element that is essential in this world of global warming and scorching heat. Unlike regular ceramic tinted windows, which are susceptible to corrosion over years, nano-ceramic window tinting lasts longer and is more durable. 

Nano ceramic window tinting is ultra strong and tough which prevents window shattering at the high extreme. It is also hydrophobic and Anti-static. This amazing feature for your windows adds visibility and clarity to the driver which leads to a smooth driving and travelling experience. 

It adds to the beauty of the overall outlook and keeps the bubble stains on your car’s glass away. 

We ensure the best quality Nano ceramic available in the market for your car’s window tinting. Above all, we guarantee against color changing and fading. It is the most convenient and beneficial kind of window tinting service which tries to attend to and resolve all the issues that one faces for a smooth and perfect car ride. We provide the most scientifically formulated coloring for a better, non-reflective appearance of your car. Nano ceramic window tinting is of prime importance as it stabilizes the color of your car for a long time. This happens as UV rays are blocked to the maximum extent by the Nano ceramic coating. Enhancing vision clarity and offering an enjoyable ride are added benefits of the Nano ceramic window tinting service that we provide. It maximizes the longevity of you and your car by providing a cool experience for both.  Your car can never be out of style and dull or dirty when you have a high-grade Nano-ceramic window tinting service done by Car House. We offer services all over Qatar. 

Now is the time to act and decide. Be the best change and grab our service at the earliest for a super quality service. Nano ceramic window tinting is no more a distant dream. Our lifelong warranty for the Nano ceramic window tinting against color fading, less adhesiveness, peeling off and color inconsistency is another best advantage. Car House is within your reach. Do the service and have a promising drive life. 

In this Window tinting provides 85% thermal protection & 65% UV Protection and it also reduces the heat.

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