Car Polishing Service

Best Polishing Service in Qatar

A car lover will never let anything happen to his or her car, it is like a child to motorheads. The pain of getting a single scratch on your car is hurting. Saving you from these problems are the solutions that Car House provides. Handing over your car to a trusted company is much more important when looking for any change to your car. So Car House is the best option.

Car protection seems simple with a coat over the car as paint. But the quality of the material used is also very much important. We use the perfect long-lasting, best quality international standard products for all the customers. Your vehicle seeking modification with Car House is considered to be our car and gives the best treatment. While ensuring the protection of the car we assure it’s environmentally friendly too.

 Car house provides its clients with a variety of services for car protection. This includes

  • Full body polishing and waxing
  • Nano ceramic coating
  • Paint protection film(3M)
  • Interior detailing service
  • Engine room cleaning etc.

Full body polishing and waxing

Polishing and Waxing are two different methods of car protection. Though we may confuse both as the same it must be kept in mind there are differences between waxing and polishing.

The wax used on cars is non-abrasive, that is this won’t form any scratches. This type of wax is applied to the bodyshell of the car as a coating after we complete the washing and polishing of the car. So this will protect the car paint and enhance the glow of the paint.

In contrast, polish is available in abrasive and non-abrasive material types. Polish is applied to the car bodyshell to cleanse the outer body to cleanse from dirt, swirls and scratches. While the wax is applied all over, polish is applied in a certain area that is affected by scratch by making them flat and giving a finishing look.

Car house polishing services are fast, timely and with the best available products. This attracts customers and has always been our specialty in a plethora of similar services. We also provide car polish service at your place.

Why Polishing and Protection Service?

A well-maintained and attractive car of one’s own is everyone’s wish. Car House offers the best quality service in Polishing and Protection Services in QATAR. Proper polishing of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle’s body plays a vital role in its life span. Start your drive with us, we are one of the most reputed service providers in Qatar and our services are uncompromising and irreplaceable. We guarantee the protection of the engine, damage-free and other repairs of the car from time to time in the most customer-friendly manner. Let your car speak about your qualities. In protection services, we look specifically at auto detailing, car washing and waxing along with full body polishing. 

We target a hassle-free and smooth process of service in the field which is much more popular in Qatar. Car polishing and Protection, window tinting, auto detailing service etc come under the service. 

Wax coating your car, polishing the car which keeps the harmful elements at bay and making the body stain and scratch free are all queries that worries our customers and our services vanishes it all within one or two visits. Engine room cleaning, paint protection and Nano wax coating are all that drive you to drive your car more smoothly and efficiently.

The traditional simple wax or paint coating’, which is way too peripheral and superficial, is now turned into deep and well-adhered protection for your car. Now is the time to get the service done for your car too, give it a life to shine and rise from the dull and unimpressive old look. 

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